Make Your Childs Room a Work of Art

Decorating my child’s room has become a hobby of mine lately. I recently saw a papier mache stag head for sale in a children’s clothing shop that caught my eye. I have been on the look our for a blank paper mache stag head to create my own version.

I found this one at Spotlight for about $25.00. It is all ready to be covered in your favourite medium. I have chosen to cover mine in fabric.

You will need approximately a meter of fabric. I recommend choosing a dark colour as the brown paper background will show through. Otherwise paint the bust white first. It was easiest to rip the fabric in to strips when covering the antlers. This will give you a straight line to work with. Fabric that is not cotton will need to be cut.

To make the glue you will need an old container, a stick to stir, PVA glue and water. I made a mix of runny sticky glue that was easy to dip the fabric into and then smoodgy around on the bust to it filled each groove.

I have since covered a range of other items in the same way. I am working on a set of polystyrene bunny rabbits for easter covered in a range of floral fabric and a set of cardboard love heart boxes for gifts.



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