Playing with Washi Tape

Who doesn’t love Washi (pronounced wa-sh-eee) tape? For those of you who don’t know what this is. It is a Japanese paper tape. It can be stuck on anything and easily removed. Easily ripped and a great and quick way to decorate presents, planners, diaries, book, word documents and anything else you think of. It is also very fashionable at the moment to use this tape to hang pictures or prints on your wall instead of having them framed. I use it a lot to stick up inspirations, photos and fun things I find in my studio.

One reason I love it so much is it is a great craft tool for little children and little fingers. It is easy to stick down but not so sticky that it gets stuck to their fingers. A fun and quick way to decorate or to jazz up a work of art.

If using this tape with small children or toddlers I recommend ripping up a few colours into a range of sizes and attaching them to the edge of the table for easy peel off. Washi tape can be purchases online at a number of stores or at stationary retails and at some budget shops.





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