Handmade Costumes- Pocahontas Headdress

We all know that children (and adults) love to dress up. Dressing up in costumes and using props is an important developmental step for children. It encourages them to use their imagination, tell and invent stores and interact with others.

Children should be encouraged to dress up, invent costumes and put on plays in front of an audience. For older children writing plays, producing props and costumes and directing are also other ways to engage children in Performing Arts.

I have been working on a range of costumes for a production and also making some extra to add to our dress up box.

Inspired by the Disney film Pocahontas this feathered head band was super easy to make and suitable for children of all ages.

I love working with felt. It is easy to cut,  glue and sew.

Other items you will need are:

  • Sewing machine or needle if sewing by hand.
  • Thread for sewing (The type of thread will also be determined by the type of sewing hand or machine)
  • Felt in a range of colours
  • Ribbon or hat elastic
  • Florist wire (If you want your feather to stick up)








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