Visual Diaries with Children …..or Adults

A visual diary has many uses. Creative folk keep these as a journal, visual notebook, ideas book, mediums and styles tester journal and for other reason like travels diaries. I however keep them for all of the above. There is something wonderful about opening a new diary or starting a fresh page. I also love to look back through these journals and see what inspired me at the time or what I was influenced by. A visual journal should be a visually pleasing book. something you enjoy working on, sharing and viewing.

Think decorative headings, cutting up paper or packaging, gluing images you find pleasing, fabrics, ribbons, using coloured pens, pencils or markers, paints, printing, photos and anything else you love.

Some people however find it daunting to look at a new blank page or a new diary. Where do they start or what should be the first mark.

I have been working on a plan for visual diary ideas to get creative minded people started on what should be first.

Take the 30 Day Visual Journal Challenge

To Get Started:

What book do I use?

Start by finding a book or a journal with blank pages. This will give you creative freedom with the direction of how each page can be used. If we have lines we automatically think we need to stick to them, within them or on them. Blank pages can be used upside down, sideways diagonal or any other way you can think of.

What is your aim?

Why are you starting a visual diary? Is it for work, pleasure, to keep track of your ideas, inspirations or a visually pleasing book to showcase your holiday or cooking ideas. I keep many visual journals for many different purposes. I have work books to sketch ideas and brainstorm, art journals that house my ideas and inspiration for my next project and journals for holidays, recipes and projects.

How will you keep up to date?

Set aside some time each day to update or add to your journal. Plan each day when you will work on your journal. This will help to ensure you get around to it. Choose a time when you are able to sit for an amount of time that suits you and what you wish to achieve. Set up somewhere you can spread out with all the tools you will need.


To get started click on the page titled: The 30 Day Visual Diary Challenge.











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