Basket Weaving

Weaving is an old craft. Basket weaving is the process of weaving or sewing natural or pliable materials into a three dimensional shape that can be used to store, carry or hold items.

I begun to experiment with basket weaving leading up to Christmas last year when I wanted to create a carry case to hold my handcrafted Christmas presents. I wanted to create a carry case that would be a gift in itself, not something else to end up in landfill and something that would be treasured, used again and something using natural materials.

I experimented with a range of natural ropes and found that the rough ones doesn’t slip as easy and hold their shape more once constructed. I experimented with sewing, gluing and tying.

The following process is only one method and it is the easiest method I found to get a quick basked that can be as big or small as you like.

You will need:
~ A long piece of rope. This will depend on the basket you wish to make. I bought about ten metres at my home hardware store and just cut it off when the basket reached the size I wanted.
~A plastic needle with a large eye. (The eye is the end of the needle the cotton, or sewing material thread through)
~ A selection of Raffia in any colour you choose.

1. Start by wrapping the raffia tight around the end of the rope until you are happy with the tension and then rap the end of the rope into a coil to begin the base of the basket. Use the raffia and needle to thread through the tight gapes between the coils and pull tight.

2. Continue to wrap the rope into a basket shape and putt tight overlapping the raffia using the needle.

The rope must be pulled tight and held tight which was a bit hard on my hands. But I did manage to make a small basket in one sitting.







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