Adding your Children’s Books to the Bookshelf

We have been going through a make a book stage at our house. My toddler loves to staple, glue and stick anything and everything. He also loves to paint and print (like most toddlers). Our house however is getting to the stage where we have no more room to display artwork and we would like to have some areas free for toddler art.

I also don’t want to throw out this artwork as I’m sure one day I will want to look back and be reminded of what his hand looked like when he was two or how great a job he did when using a Gelli pad for the first time (New post on Gelli pad are coming soon). So I have started to compile his work into books. Almost like a scrap book (I don’t really like what this term refers to now) more like a visual diary collection.

As well add this we have been using some very cute concertina sketch books to make our own stories. We have used pencils, markers and watercolours so far. I get them out when I know he needs a rest but still is being active. I assist with the use of the tools and then add the words to represent the images. He uses the equipment in his art trolly to create masterpiece after masterpiece.

Since putting together a small collection of personal books we have spend many hours reading them and looking at the words and pictures.

Give it a go and you will be surprised with the love and joy shown when reading or showing off the special book.

Any activity that can help to install a love of reading and learning is a winner in my book!







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