Pressed Flower Mini Art

The art of pressed flowers takes me back to being young and growing up in the 80’s. I know pressing flowers and making them into art has been around for centuries but I feel it is a big part of every girls childhood, hence taking me back to the era of fishnet gloves, large hair and matching outfits.

I have two types of flower pressing machines. One a modern one and another is an old one my nana gave to me. This one holds sentimental value as well as doing a good job at pressing all types of flower varieties. However if you doing have a press you can use a book or even experiment with using the oven or microwave for a quicker result. If using a book I would recommend placing the flower between two sheets of tissue paper to protect the pages of the book.

Once the flowers are pressed and dry you will get a better idea as to which varieties work best and which ones hold their colour.

Turn your flowers into any type of art you like. I have been experimenting with using mini canvases at the moment. 5cm is my favourite. The flowers always seem to turn themselves into butterflies.